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The ink products such as InkTec's that can be used interchangeably with printer
manufacturer' products are called "replacement inks."
The greatest benefit of using such "replacement inks" is cost reduction. Due to printer manufacturers' marketing strategy to sell printers cheaply and supplies expensively,the prices of ink cartridges are very expensive. The replacement inks produced by ink makers such as InkTec can be supplied at reasonable prices because they produce nothing but inks.
There are some key benefits for each ink type described below:
1. Refill Kits
* For use with : All HP, Lexmark and part of Canon models
* Product Type : Refill Type which is to directly inject ink into the empty cartridge with easy refill tools
* Benefits : Big Saving Cost / Environmentally-friendly / Easy to Use
2. Compatible Cartridges
* For use with : All Epson and part of Canon models
* Product Type : Replacement Type which is to simply replace the used cartridge with the compatible cartridge
* Benefits : Saving Cost / Convenient to use
3. Remanufactured Cartridges
* For use with : All HP, Lexmark and Samsung models
* Product Type : Replacement Type which is to simply replace the used cartridge with the remanufactured cartridge
* Benefits : Saving Cost / Environmentally-friendly / Convenient to use

Quality Based, InkTec!

High Quality & Nano Technology

Using our own pigment powder dispersion technology, we are capable of manufacturing the stable ink with the pigment dispersion of high solid content. Based on the dye and polymer molecular design and material synthesis technology, the optimized high performance ink is well mixed and manufactured.

Wide Range of Selection

InkTec develops and supplies the inkjet technology based dye, pigment, solvent, oil, sublimation, acidic, reactive, and dispersed inks for the different types of the printers from the general office printer to the outdoor use. Furthermore, we are expanding our domain to the next generation technologies such as the digital textile printing, UV curing and electronic material. Since all our products are developed by the well defined system and the state-of-the-art analyzers and lab equipment with focus on compatibility and equivalency with the products from the manufacturers, they are consistent in quality. We can also develop the optimized ink satisfying the customers' specific requirements.

Understanding of the Printing System

We have not only our own ink development technology, but we also have thorough know-how of the printer structure (head and system). Unlike some manufacturers who offer the product by simple blending of the cheap raw material, our support for the printing system as well as ink manufacturing allows us to custom manufacture the ink according to the specification of the printer structure.

Intellectual Property Rights

Since the company is founded, we have received over 60 intellectual property rights in ink manufacturing and synthesis, structure, manufacturing equipment and utility models both hear and abroad. Our relentless research and development effort will add more original technologies in ink manufacturing technology and system.

Continuous Investment

20% of InkTec's 200 employees are involved in R&D with an investment of 7~8% of total revenue each year. That helps us to introduced more than 20 new products every year. Our efforts have paid off by the ISO 9001 certification for quality and selection as the Technology Competitive Small to Medium Company by SMBA in 2000.
Our lab is also equipped with the state-of-the-art devices such as Weather-O-Meter, XRF (elementary analyzer) and APS analyzer among others to operate the lab customized to the project. Our such active investment on R&D is one of the reasons why people in over 120 countries worldwide are selecting InkTec products.

Three major factors of ink formulation

Prerequisites for successful refills:
- You should refill your cartridge when there is a little bit of remaining ink rather than it is completely consumed.
- Read the manual carefully and follow its directions for refill.
- Use an ink type suitable for the printer model because the characteristics of inks to be used are different for each printer model.
Causes for the damage of cartridge nozzles:
- The cartridge head is damaged by excessive use while the ink is insufficient.
- The nozzle is logged after being left unused for a long time.
- The contact surface at the side of the cartridge is wet or damaged so that electric signals cannot be transmitted normally.
- Damaged head or contact surface.
- Due to the cartridge's natural characteristics such as end of its life span.

Title : Performance Evaluation of HPI-0005D & HPI-0006C -by American Testing Laboratory,LLC
Comment : Page Yield, Dry Time, Color Spectrum, Optical Density, Text Print Quality, Graphics Print Quality Tests

Title : Performance Evaluation of EPI-9007 & EPI-9008 -by American Testing Laboratory,LLC
Comment : Page Yield, Dry Time, Color Spectrum, Optical Density, Text Print Quality, Graphics Print Quality Tests

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